Pacifica Senior Living Newport Mesa

Full Time & Part-Time Positions Available

Job Type: 8hr shifts, 4 days – Friday and Saturday AM / Sunday and Monday PM

  • Support the mission, vision, and culture of the organization through positive communication and leadership. * Contribute to Community relationships by demonstrating cooperation and professional conduct with residents, families, fellow associates, physicians, pharmacies and other vendors or persons. * Contribute to team effort by being flexible in work assignments; by furnishing support; by taking initiative; and by understanding how this position affects and. compliments all other Community positions. * Able to maintain a work pace appropriate to given workload. Perform activities on schedule while maintaining regular attendance and punctuality within a specified tolerance. * Provide assistance (or reminders) with activities of daily living, including grooming, oral hygiene, bath/shower, hair cleaning, and brushing, and transferring to and from activities and meals, as needed. * Provide assistance with resident’s personal environment (e.g. clothing, linen, and personal belongings). * Lift and/or transfer residents as needed. * Assist in meal preparation/presentation, serving to the resident, and other dining related responsibilities; record and report changes in resident’s eating habits to the supervisor. * Make resident rounds every two hours as required in residents’ service plans or as circumstances dictate. * Record and report changes in resident’s condition to the supervisor including but not limited to changes in the resident’s ability to perform activities of daily living, skin changes, bruising, etc. * Use approved charting criteria and procedures to record pertinent information in resident charts. * Immediately report all incidents or accident involving residents to the Resident * Care Director/Supervisor and record all necessary information on the Resident Incident and Accident Reporting Form. * Maintain a safe and orderly environment by performing general scheduled housekeeping for resident involving cleaning laundry, bedrooms, dining area, living space, bathrooms, kitchen, etc. * Initiate and participate in leisure activities provided for residents; encourage resident to socialize and participate in planned activities and programs to develop friendships with other residents. * Follow proper procedures in emergency situations and respond promptly and positively to resident requests for assistance, including emergency pull cords, telephone calls, and requests from family and friends. * Follow the outlined procedure, physicians’ orders, and state laws when assisting or supervising residents with medications. Exhibit an understanding of and be willing to follow the medication policy and procedures. * Correct and prevent environmental hazards in an appropriate and safe manner while observing universal precautions and infection control procedures. * Assist supervisor with administrative tasks, including Functioning as a point of contact during the shift for communication between supervisors, doctors, and families. * Stock medical and office supplies on a daily basis. * Daily follow up on bath schedules and vital signs (blood pressure, weight, and respiration, etc). * Check residents’ files daily for appropriate and necessary signatures. * Complete incident reports with physician and notifies family members as directed. * Assume additional responsibilities related to medication administration, including Maintain security and accountability for medications during shift. * Inventory controlled substances and provide accurate reconciliation of the inventory. Count controlled substances with another associate each time responsibility of medication administration changes. * Review of medication administration record for errors ·at the completion of each medication pass. * Assurance that care and services related to medication administration are provided in a safe and secure manner and follow state licensing rules. * Weekly verification that residents who are approved to administer their own medication you are doing so and, where applicable, are completing the medication administration record sheet. * Assistance with the review of medication books for errors. * Complete medication error forms and obtaining the appropriate associate signatures before forwarding to the supervisor. This includes notification of the physician. * Responsibility for medication reorders, including PRN medication. * Weekly review of medication sheets and verification of residents’ capability to administer their own medications. * Faxing of written or faxed orders from doctors to pharmacies.

Job Type: 8hr shifts, 4 days – Friday & Saturday AM 6-230pm / Sunday & Monday PM 2-1030pm

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time


  • med tech: 1 year (Preferred)

Work Location:

  • One location